15 Things You Should Know Before Buying a House in Austin.

1. How Much Do I Pay My Real Estate Agent?

2. What is Earnest & Option Money?

3. How Much Money Will I Need?

4. Why Do I Keep Hearing I Need a 20% Down Payment?

5. Should I Buy or Rent?

6. How Do I Make an Offer in Austin’s “Hot Market”?

7. How Do You Avoid Losing Your Earnest Money?

8. Why Would a Seller Be Hesitant with FHA Buyers?

9. Will the Seller Pay My Closing Costs in Austin?

10. Do All Austin HOAs Have the Same Rules?

11. What are Deed Restrictions?

12. Building a Custom Home

13. Does Austin Have High Property Taxes?

14. What Are The “First Time Buyer Benefits”?

15. Common Homestead Exemptions?

Kristina is the co-founder of Open House Austin, a real estate education company. Contact our team for any real estate related questions or to start the home buying or selling process. Don’t live in Austin? We can also connect you with a great Realtor in your area.

I live in Austin TX and am the co-founder of Open House Austin. My passion is contributing to others success by helping them reach their big picture goals.